XC600 Controllers for Compressor Rack
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The new version of the XC600 series for compact compressor rack control features even more advanced, efficient and flexible performance to cover all market needs. Flexibility and a high security level of compressor management are the strengths of this new version.

We’ve focused attention on environmentally friendly solutions with the introduction of new, low GWP refrigerants and, starting now, the 3.5 series can be updated directly in the field by adding new refrigerants or updating the firmware with new functions.

A)  New functions
The 3.5 version introduces important functions that improve XC600 family performance and comply with new environmental protection rules.

1. Quick update
Today all XM600 controllers can be easily reprogrammed directly in the field in order to align with market trends; the update is always available for your controllers even if already installed.

1.2 Compressor Guard function
In order to guarantee plant safety, one relay is switched ON if the compressors cannot be activated because of safety times blockage, or for other problems. This output can be used to block the liquid injection to the cabinets against suction line flood. The relay will be deactivated when compressors are ready to restart (ref. A).

1.3 Suction superheat management with hot gas injection valve
The regulator can detect suction superheat (ref. B). Possible low superheat conditions are promptly reported with the possibility to stop compressors to ensure maximum plant safety. It is also possible to use a hot gas injection valve to increase superheat to avoid critical situations (ref. C).

1.4 Probe management
In order to improve rack and plant control, it is possible to configure one of the digital inputs as a probe to detect the compressor discharge temperature (only for DIN format). The temperature range has been increased up to 150°C, to ensure possible discharge alarm management.

1.5 Compressor discharge temperature monitoring and liquid injection valve management
The regulator can detect the compressor discharge temperature (ref. D). Possible high temperature conditions are promptly reported with the possibility to stop compressors to ensure maximum plant safety. It is also possible to use an injection valve (ref. E) to decrease the discharge temperature, avoiding critical situations as represented in the scheme below.

1.6 Compressor stand-by
The new version of the XC600 family allows compressors to stand-by in case of malfunctioning or for maintenance. This function can be activated whether local from the keyboard or remote through the XWEB supervisor system to which the controller is connected to.

  • Electronic controllers for compact compressor rack management also with inverter.
  • Compressor Type : Digital, Multi-stage, differing power, semi-hermetic, scroll and screw.
  • Proportional band or neutral zone control.
  • Floating condensing pressure control depending on the external temperature.
  • High configurability and flexibility.
  • Automatic switch off the compressor in case of high condensing pressure/ temperature.
  • Silent mode function for fans during the night.
  • Correct lubrication automatic restore cycle.
  • Safer control with low pressure electronic pressure switch.
  • Type of gas setting : to control temperature or pressure.
  • Hot Key or Prog Tool kit connector for quick and easy programming.
  • Serial connection to monitoring systems.
  • 5VA max power absorption.
  • Dual display with red LED ( 8.5mm high) and yellow LED (7.5mm high) and 17 icons. 


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