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Calorflex mono-outlet heating cables CDLx / CDLa are single wire electrical resistances specially designed for applications in the sectors of commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. They are completely waterproof, extremely flexible and functional thanks to the specific characteristics of their constituent materials and their particular construction technology.

The latter consists of a resistive wire made of Nickel/Chromium or Copper/Nickel or similar alloys wound on a support made with a fibre glass filament. The winding thus obtained is externally protected by a special silicone compound that guarantees a high dielectric seal and allows the cable to operate within a wide temperature range: from -60°C to +200°C.

The same compound is subsequently used for the manufacture of the outer sheath, permanently enfolding the resistive heating wire and the silicone electric wire that, in this case, works exclusively as a return conductor. The bipolar cable thus obtained can be possibly clad, by means of special braiding machines, in a multi-wire metal braiding that guarantees a high mechanical protection, a higher temperature dissipation (therefore raising the thermic exchange with the final application) and secures the earthing contact.

Moreover, Calorflex particular technology allows to manufacture resistances with differentiated powers on the heating segments, or with non heating segments distributed on the whole length of the resistance. 

The series heating cable CDLx is usually installed in domestic and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning appliances. The vulcanized joint and the built in cold part provide the cable with a waterproof structure, so as to allow its installation directly inside the pipelines. It is supplied already cut to measure and ready to use: its length cannot be shortened by the end user.

General technical features


Supply voltage: from 1.5V to 400V

Power: from 5W/m to 80W/m

External diameter: 5,5mm ± 0,2mm (excluding the vulcanized joint)

Insulation: silicone (standard models available according to table)

Minimum bending radius: 15mm

Operating temperatures: from -60°C to + 200°C

Length of heating and cold parts customizable on request

Metal braiding and grounding wire available on request

Available certifications: EC

Produced and tested according to the EN60335 standard.

Compliance with the 2014/35/EU directive

Different insulation materials and diameters may be produced on request and after a feasibility check is performed

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