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This system is extremely well suited for larger installations with up to 247 devices such as supermarkets, hypermarkets or large storage and distribution centers as well as production and storage goods processing such as fast-food, restaurants, catering up to medical and pharmaceutical applications.

XWEB3000 is the ideal solution for service needs (modem, ethernet and internet connection); it can operate, as a stand-alone server without using a PC but it's also simple to connect a monitor, keyboards and mouse. Local or remote connection from PC is made without the need of special software; only standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Firefox ®) software is needed. The alarm signaling for service is very flexible and can be done through Fax, e-mail, SMS and also via relay outputs.

Easy configuration, efficient management of all controller values and a display of controllers also using pictures and schematic drawings: these are some of the XWEB3000's strengths. It is an intuitive, powerful and at the same time, very versatile device.

This web server allows parameter and alarm management with different levels and typologies, providing the user with the possibility to divide the controllers into different categories, each with their own sampling periods. Powerful tools include: the scheduler which is a graphic instrument created to manage commands sent to the controllers, data export used to save data in a Microsoft Excel file, and the back-up function to have data-safe protection even in the worst environmental usage, also to save all the unit setup.

Features : 
- Monitoring and controlling industrial web server connectable to Dixell's controllers with serial output or to others ModBUS-RTU compatible devices
- Structure based on Linux operating system with WEB pages
- All controller values can be showed using a special "Single View" window or using "Run Time" window where many controllers can be viewed at the same time. It is even possible to use a "Layout" view of the plant with pictures and schematics drawings
- Powerful tool to view graphs and export in Microsoft Excel® format
- Easy plant management by means of the "Scheduler" to send commands according to a custom calendar
- Calendar function and internal RTC both for alarm transmission to the "in charge" service and command sending to the controllers
- Possibility to divide the controllers set in different categories of products with their own sampling time
- Alarm sending via FAX, SMS or e-mail
- Commands sending activation through digital input
- Possibility to have a connection with PDA or Smartphone
- Local or remote connection from PC using standard browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Firefox®) for the data management and display
- Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU
- 50VA max power absorption 

Technical Data
1,3GHz CPU
512MB internal memory
120GB HD
1 LAN output
2 USB outputs
110/230Vac ±10% power supply
1 RS485 serial line for device (ModBUS – RTU) connection
1 RS232 output for external modem connection
1 system alarm relay output
2 RS485 alarm relay outputs
1 print output (25 pin)
1 digital input
1 keyboard/mouse connector
1 video output
Sampling time programmable from 1 to 255 minutes
Analogue internal modem (optional)


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